Booking period from now to September 30, 2019

Travel period on select 2020 sailings

A fleet of four purpose-built expedition ships is ready to transport you to the furthermost boundaries of the planet. By day you’ll be immersed in your destinations, with complimentary shore excursions, while each evening you can relax and refresh yourself among the sophisticated ambienceof your intimate ship.

Silversea’s All-Inclusive Lifestyle:

Callao to Ushuaia
October 28, 2020 – 19 nights
Itinerary: Callao (Lima), Paracas, Day at Sea, Arica, Day at Sea, Antofagasta, Day at Sea, Valparaiso, Day at Sea, Niebla, Puerto Montt, Castro, Day at Sea, Tortel, Cruise English Narrows, Cruising Pio XI Glacier, Cruise Chilean Fjords (overnight), Punta Arenas, Cruise Garibaldi Fjord & Glacier, Ushuaia
Includes one-way charter flight from Ushuala to Santiago de Chile

Ushuaia Roundtrip
November 16, 2020 – 15 nights
Itinerary: Ushuaia, Day at Sea, New Island, West Point Island, Port Stanley, Bleaker Island, Falklands, Sea Lion Island, Falklands Drake Passage, Elephant Island, Antarctic Sound, Antarctic Peninsula (4 overnights), South Shetland Islands, Drake Passage (overnight), Ushuaia
Includes charter flight to/from Ushuala

Cairns to Apra Harbour
May 11, 2020 – 15 nights
Itinerary: Cairns, Day at Sea, Alotau, Tufi, Dei Dei Hot Springs, Fergusson Island, Dobu Island, KuiawaIsland, Jacquinot Bay, Rabaul, Day at sea, Tuam Island, Madang, 2 Days at sea, Satawal, Yap, Lamotrek, Yap, Gaferut, Yap, Apra Harbour, Guam

Otaru to Seward
July 6, 2020 – 17 nights
Itinerary: Otaru, Korsakov, Tyuleniy Island, Day at sea, Yankicha Island, Atlasova Island, Utashud Island, Petropavlovsk (Kamchatsky), date line gain a day, day at sea, Attu Island , Alaska, Kiska Harbor, Alaska, day at sea, Seguam Island, Alaska, Dutch Harbor, Alaska, Unga Island, Castle Bay, Alaska, Larsen Bay, Kodiak Island, Alaska, Chiswell Islands, Alaska, Holgate Glacier, Alaska, SEWARD, Alaska

Expedition all-inclusive package:

Vacation code: 6156