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First of all, thank you for visiting our site.

You are probably here because you either heard or were told by someone you trust that we offer the best cruise deals around and that our service is unparalleled by anyone else in the industry.

 Interline Cruise Connections was founded in 1985.  There is a good reason that we’ve been around so long.  Service.

 Let us tell you a few things that everyone should know about booking cruises. Even if you’re a veteran cruiser, please review the following information. We bet you’ll learn a few things!

1. We have EVERY rate possible.

It’s true. Travel agencies don’t make up their own rates. With rare exceptions, every agency has the same rates. It is a level playing field.

 Then why is Interline Cruise Connections unique? One of our greatest advantages is in our special contracts. Years ago when the cruise industry started to get big, they offered specially discounted contracts to some agencies. These contracts are not offered anymore and, throughout the years, most agencies that had these special discount contracts have gone out of business. We still have our special contracts because we have been in business for so long.

No one can beat our rates, because we have everything.

 We have special rates for past guests, seniors, residents of particular states, military personnel and dependents, Interline employees, flash rates, group rates, community appreciation rates, union rates, fire/police/government rates, medical rates (nurses, doctors, etc.) and more. The list goes on and on and we have them all. So when you do your shopping remember that although another agency might have the same price that we do, they will not be lower.

 Because we have so many rates, it’s impossible to advertise them all. So if you happen to see a rate that you can’t find on our site, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have it. Please call us and tell us the rate and where you found it and we will gladly apply it to your reservation.


2. Never, ever book directly with the cruise lines.
The cruise lines pay us for our services to you, but they will not discount that amount to you if you book with them. The cruise lines will never be cheaper than we are.

 Taking advantage of our service costs you no more than booking directly with the cruise line (and often less), but you get our commitment to service.  For free.

 If we don’t make our clients happy, we don’t get paid. If an individual cruise line agent doesn’t make you happy, they still get a paycheck.

We will go to bat for you with the cruise lines if you have any problems. Although the final decision is still up to the cruise line, we have developed ongoing relationships with them over the years and we know how to approach any problem. Do you want to do this yourself when we do it for free?

We offer more options in shore excursions, travel insurance, activities and transportation than the cruise lines, often at a better value to you.

We have personalized service. When you call us, you get the same people answering the phone. When you call a cruise line, you speak to any one of dozens or hundreds of reservation agents at their call center. The particular agent you speak to may have 10 years experience or 10 minutes experience.

Cruise fares are constantly changing and lower rates almost always become available after you book. Because the cruise line makes no money from an empty cabin, they want it filled. This means that rates change constantly. We follow the changing rates of any cruise we have passengers on and will reduce your bottom line whenever possible.

Isn’t it nice knowing that we’re watching out for your best interests?

We have special rates that the cruise line will not give you. In addition to the special rates, we are often given promotions that come with on board credits, coupons, reduced deposits, and big upgrades. You can’t get these rates by booking directly with the cruise lines, only by booking with Interline Cruise Connections.

When booking directly with the cruise lines you will only be offered their shore excursions and their travel insurance. We work with a variety of shore excursion and insurance companies, because we’ve found that many of them have better plans and programs for a lesser cost.

In addition, we’ve been to most all almost ports of call you will be visiting and we can give you first-hand unbiased opinions and facts about key attractions and activities.


3. What if you’ve already made a direct reservation with the cruise line?
We can take over any reservation that you may have made and made sure that all is handled properly. Whether you have one cabin or 1000 cabins, we can take over everything and ensure that YOU get the best value! Taking over a reservation is easy and nothing has to change. Your specific cabins, dining options and special requests will all remain the same. You are the boss – you tell us what you want.

Perhaps you want us to take over your reservation because you want some guidance about activities, shore excursions and insurance. We may possibly have access to onboard credits, upgrades, reduced deposits, coupons and many more items that may not have been made available to you if you booked elsewhere.

We don’t charge fees and we work with the cruise lines to make everything easy for you. It is always in your best interest to let us handle your bookings.


4. Do not book a cruise online.
Except of course, at our site! Yes, we know how that sounds but please let us explain. When you make a reservation at most of the online travel sites out there you will usually pay a booking fee of $5 to $50, regardless of the amount you may already be overpaying! Remember that this is your money, not theirs.

Some agencies may even try to sell you on why they are justified in overcharging you. We’ve heard them all. Some might say “well we send out multiple emails a week” or “we advertise a lot and give away coupons” or ” I worked really hard on this reservation for you and spent a lot of my time” EXCUSE ME? Isn’t what you are supposed to do? Work hard and advertise; that is what business is. You’re not supposed to take advantage of your clients.

Would you pay $5 more for a gallon of milk because the clerk told you how hard they work to stock the milk, or because they send out a lot of coupons? No? So why would you pay a booking fee?

At Interline Cruise Connections we hate fees, and WILL NEVER CHARGE YOU A BOOKING FEE, whether you book online with us or over the phone. You’ve worked hard for your money and you deserve to keep it. So book through us and keep your money where it belongs, in YOUR pocket.


5. Beware of the sneaky, greedy competition!
These are actual client experiences with some other agencies.


A. A family of 3 was booking a Mexican Riviera cruise. They were told that the 1st & 2nd persons cruise fare for their balcony would be $649 each.   They were then told that their 6-year-old daughter would have a discounted fare of $399. The client was thrilled that he would save almost 50% on the 3rd person and was getting ready to book. His father (a long-time client of ours) advised him to call us before he paid anything just to make sure. When he called us we advised him that the $649 1st & 2nd person fare was correct. However, the daughter’s fare should have been $199 NOT $399. The company in Texas knew that the client had no way of knowing what the 3rd person rate was so they were overcharging him $200 right off the top. Needless to say, we booked him at the correct rates of $649 and $199 and even obtained a $50 onboard credit for him.


B. A family wedding group had 45 cabins booked on a 7-day Alaska cruise. The Canadian agency they were using had the cruise fare for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th passengers correct and were only charging a “reduced booking fee” of $5 per person. (What have we told you about booking fees?- yes that’s right, DON’T PAY THEM!). So far, the clients were happy with the way everything was going. They were getting a great rate on a great cruise for their wedding. The soon-to-be wife had a quick question and called the Canadian agency to ask about it. As she did not have their number she called information from her cell phone and was somehow referred to us, instead of the other agency. When she asked how much the tax was for this cruise, we told her the amount, she thanked us and hung up. The next day we got a call from her fuming! Apparently, she was being charged $161.00 per person for taxes, which we had told her the day before was $91.63. She demanded that we fix this gross overcharge. Problem was, she was booked through the Canadian agency, which was overcharging her $69.37 per person on a group booking of 103 people. This was a total overcharge of $7145.11. No wonder they gave her a “reduced booking fee of $5” You can guess how the story ended.


6. Finally, we operate on a different system than most agencies out there.
We are based on production not dollars. It doesn’t matter to us if you pay $10 or $10,000. What matters to us is that you cruise, cruise often and come back to see us for your next great vacation. That’s why we will always protect you to lower applicable fares, give you the best possible knowledge of cruises and destinations and the friendliest most fulfilling service you can get. By operating on this formula we can ensure that you will get the best value on your best vacation ever.

Our agents will continue to train, adapt and become your allies in this fluctuating world where it is very hard to have someone legitimately looking out for your best interests!

This is why we say: if you’re going to book a cruise, do it with your friends — the experts at Interline Cruise Connections.

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