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Claudia on her birthday - 2001.  Working to HNL.


Something very special to all of us




Pretty much every newsletter we’ve sent out over the last few months has had the same introduction here – telling you that you can book on our website; advising you that we charge NO FEES and warning you to check the competition’s fine print for hidden fees, etc.

Today I’m going to dispense with all that and share something that is very personal to all of us here.
Today – May 7th, 2016, is Claudia Jones’ birthday.  Claudia was a UAL Flight Attendant for over 36 years and she founded Interline Cruise Connections back in 1984 to share her love of cruise travel with her fellow Interliners.
Claudia lived to travel the world, whether by cruise ship, train or 747.  During the 15 years we were together, I traveled to all 7 continents with her.  I will continue to travel without her, but it will never be the same.  She will never again call me up and say "Let's go to Frankfurt tomorrow" or "I found an Antarctic cruise we need to go on."
I hope that this is not inappropriate here, but I know that Claudia has many friends that receive this newsletter, so I hope you will all bear with me.
I posted this on Claudia’s FaceBook page, on the day she died:
“Claudia Jones was a United Flight Attendant for 37 years, starting in January, 1972.  She worked EWR, ORD, LAX and SFO.  Her favorite places were the Pearl Market and “The Brown Door” in PEK, and anything in SYD.  She loved taking the Manly Walk on layovers.
We lost Claudia at about 12:10 PM Mountain Time on Sunday, November 15th, 2015, one of the last beautiful, warm, sunny days before winter set in.   The lymphoma she had been fighting for several years finally prevailed. She and I were together for 15 years and I will always love her.
Nothing will be the same without her.”
I wrote that Claudia loved China and Australia, but every time I mentioned Alaska she would reply, with a smile "I love Alaska". That was her last trip. She took grandson Noah on an Alaska cruise at the beginning of June, 2015. Noah loved the Raptor Center in Sitka and Claudia loved being there with him.
Antarctica was on her bucket list and our last trip together was the South America/Antarctica Holland America Cruise December 2014 & January 2015, before she got sick again.   I never thought that anything in this world could be bigger than Alaska, but Antarctica is.  What an incredible place!  She loved every second of it.
If you would like to honor Claudia’s birthday, we ask that you donate to THECAUSEFOUNDATION.ORG in her memory (more information below).

Claudia’s best friend and fellow UAL Flight Attendant, Gail, posted this on Claudia's FaceBook page:
“My sweet "forever" friend, CLAUDIA JONES, has left all those who love her for loftier places. Her fight with lymphoma is ended as she passed away on Sunday, Nov. 15. Her family and friends tearfully kissed her good-bye as she left for the freedom of the skies.
Claudia was a flight attendant for United Airlines for almost 40 years and owner of Interline Cruise Connections in Denver, Co. She was the happiest person I have ever known and the world was her passion. Everyone who knew her smiled at the sound of her voice and marveled at her sense of humor. I can't imagine my life without her. I know there are many who feel the same.
The family has asked that any remembrances of her life go to THECAUSEFOUNDATION.ORG for flight attendants who are in need in times of illness or family crisis. It is a tax-deductible donation. You can also post on her Facebook page with remembrances.”
This is Claudia’s FaceBook page.  It is a public page, so any FaceBook member can view it and post to it.  https://www.facebook.com/claudia.jones.33821?fref=nf
I would also ask that we all raise a glass to her memory on her birthday – whether it’s the Kendall Jackson Chardonnay that was her favorite, coffee (her second favorite beverage) or just a glass of water. 
All we have now are memories and the love we feel for her.
I just want to reassure all that the company Claudia started over 30 years ago, Interline Cruise Connections, is now being run by her son, Colby, who has worked with her for several years. He is very knowledgable and maintains excellent relationships with all the cruise lines we work with, while also investigating new opportunities for our clients.
I also continue with the company and have several support roles. I promised Claudia that I would not abandon either Colby or the Company.  It was a great honor to me that she asked me to do this.
Interline Cruise Connections will continue - it is our intention to keep her Travel and Cruise Legacy going forever.
Dave Schoenberg (Fireman Dave)


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