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Expert Advice
How can I see what cruises are available?
There are many different cruises and itineraries available on numerous cruise lines. The best way to discover these is to study our web site which has information on all ships, itineraries and ports of call.
You can come by the Interline Cruise Connections office in Littleton, Colorado, for a free cruise line brochure.
If you're nowhere near our office, you can obtain a free cruise brochure from your local travel agency, but please do not take up their time as you will not be able to book Interline cruises through them.
Is there a charge for booking discounted Interline cruises?
No. We charge no membership fees or booking fees. This discounted Interline rate is a benefit which the cruise lines have made available (through priority negotiations with Interline Cruise Connections) for airline employees and their eligibles.
Can I reserve a cabin for NON-Interline friends and relatives at the same rate?
Due to our tremendous booking power, we are able to offer similar or slightly higher rates to Non-Interline clients on certain cruises. Should a promotional fare become available (which is lower than true Interline rates), these promotion fares are specific to bonafide airline employees.
Can I book a Group or a Non-Interline cabin through Interline Cruise Connections?
Absolutely. We book cruises on all cruise lines worldwide.
How early can I book my cruise?
It is best to book as early as possible. Booking early enables a passenger a better selection of cabins available at the lowest rates. Remember that if a lower fare becomes available at a later date, we will automatically protect our clients at that lower rate (subject to cruise line restrictions).
Are these rates Standby rates?
Interline rates and particulars vary, however Interline rates are not Standby. These rates are Positive-Space, immediate confirmation on most all cruise lines. Call us for the particulars.
Can I cancel and get my money back after depositing a cruise?
Generally speaking, deposits will be returned if cancellation is made outside the specific penalty period published by the cruise line. Each individual cruise line offers a cruise protection policy which specifically addresses their own cancellation policy. Please refer to that individual cruise line brochure (or web site) for the particulars.
We recommend that all passengers protect their investment by purchasing a cruise protection plan. Interline Cruise Connections offers an optional cruise protection plan through a reputable independent insurance company, as well.
Can I call Interline Cruise Connections to check availability for a specific cruise?
Interline Cruise Connections will advise you if a particular sailing is sold out, however to check availability for a specific cruise without making a reservation is not recommended. The cruise availability changes by the minute, just like making an airline reservation. Unless a reservation is actually made, there is absolutely no guarantee that the sailing will be available at a later time.
If I know my time frame, can I call Interline Cruise Connections to select a cruise for me?
Yes! Tell us the approximate length of the cruise you want, your price range, and where in the world you would like to cruise. We would then be able to offer you a cruise that meets those need.
Are just a few select Cruise Lines available through Interline Cruise Connections?
Absolutely NOT! We represent all cruise lines worldwide. In addition to confirming our clients at Interline rates, we are also able to offer all cruise lines to the general public, as well. Group cruises are our specialty. WE BOOK CRUISES!
Who is eligible for true discounted Interline rates?
All airline employees, spouses, dependent children, airline retirees, parents of airline employees, parents-in-law, and anyone sharing a cabin with one of the above eligible Interliners.
Remember that spouses, children and parents are all eligible for Interline Cruises on their own -- the employee does NOT need to go along and does not need to book the cruise for them. The above Interliners are eligible for promotion Interline rates, as well.
If Interline rates are not available, can you still confirm us?
Yes. That is the beauty of working with Interline Cruise Connections. We can book everyone. We will protect our Interline clients at a lower rate, should an applicable lower rate later become available (subject to cruise line regulations). We will also protect our General Public clients the same way. Booking your cruise with Interline Cruise Connections is a win/win situation.
Do Interline eligibility or rates vary from agency to agency?
NO. True Interline rates do not vary, so be careful about which agency you use. Some agencies out there claim to have Interline rates -- but will just quote a Retail rate to you and hope you don't catch it. Princess Cruises recommends Interline Cruise Connections as THE Colorado Interline agency. (check it out yourself).
How do I know that I am getting the lowest rate?
Interline Cruise Connections guarantees the lowest rate at time of booking. We have every rate possible so it is easy for us as we specialize in cruises! Remember, if an applicable lower rate becomes available after you book your cruise, we will automatically protect you at that lower rate.
Why should I book my cruise with Interline Cruise Connections?
As the #1 Interline agency, we are here to help our clients. We stand by our rates and also stand by our clients. We have been involved in the travel business for over 33 years. Our repeat clients tell us that our service is incomparable and we take pride in surpassing our client expectations. We like what we do, and It Shows!
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